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…continuation of Inspiration 

So I made this meal that I was so proud of. All I want when I cook is to please my guests. There’s nothing better than being able to SE the satisfaction on my guests faces after I put the effort and love into my cooking. Well they paid one of the best compliments ever…they are it ALL. I mean they demolished some food. But having that ability to truly satiate and please a group of loved ones is all I strive for. 

So when I cook I sort of get made fun of as I can’t ever fully duplicate a recipe. I use them as guidelines but never really follow one. I take what it calls for and adapt and enhance to what I have and want. So my rubs change my sauces are always a bit different. I know it’ll taste good. But should I record it? Should I follow a process? Or is it ok I like to just do it my way. I mean I guess I can try to share some of my recipes. 

Food. Love. Positivity. Change. Growth. 

I think move forward and examine everything. Enjoy it all, question it all. 


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