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I may have just found my inspiration 

So, currently I’m laying in bed just futzing around with my phone, relaxing a bit before I fall asleep and out of nowhere thoughts just start popping into my head about some beginning inspiration for my blog or self exploration or whatever. I’m really excited about this. No really. 

So last night we threw one fucking kick ass New Year’s ReDo Party! I currently work and manage in a restaurant and it is open and busy on NYE, so my 2nd annual New Year’s party wasn’t able to happen. So we (the Wanderers) decided that a ReDo was in order. Well it was one killer night…I mean we party better now than we ever did in our early 20s. In the fact that I’m a cooking control freak my friends gladly let me make the entire main meal and they brought incredible treats and appetizer/snacks to share. Well the dinner menu was inspired by one of my best friend Courtney’s not so subtle tipsy informational sessions 2 weekends prior at the Wanderers white elephant/Christmas party. She did direct me to make lobster macaroni and cheese and form the rest of the menu around that. Well if we’re having mac and cheese then some sort of BBQ is in order. And, I do have my amazing smoker…so I HAD to smoke some meats. I made ribs last year so I knew there had to be brisket…one of the tastiest and more advanced things to show my smoking skills on, and what goes better with brisket than smoked chicken wings, corn casserole and roasted veggie fries… 

…this story is to be continued (I have to go to sleep…I am exhausted!) as I have more to say. 


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