Goodbye Grandma D

Dear Grandma D,

I still cannot believe that you’re gone.

These past three years have been brutal for you, I know. especially with Uncle Dennis being ill and passing, You really did want to go before him. But come on…you made it to 90, something you never thought would happen! Stada Baba!
You grew up in a really close knit family–you were the oldest of four sisters. Even on the day you died you were all together. What a blessing!
You were a hard worker from the very beginning–Aunt Ruth and Aunt Chris said that you picked on them incessantly for not cleaning like you did at home. What was it…cleanliness is next to godliness you used to always say to me. 
During World War II you were a “Rosie the riveter” building airplanes at Curtis Wright, and then spending all your money on high end clothing at Burgers–dressed to the nines!
You married Grandpa Ben, and raised two wonderful children and did a great job! Thank you for giving me my amazing mom!
You kept an immaculate home. Your house on Barrally St. was your pride and joy–albeit no one was allowed to sit on the living room furniture–those plastic covers were your friend! I remember you always complaining about your “one fanny kitchen” and how there was NEVER any room to do anything! Despite the lack of space, you made incredible carrot cakes, cheese cakes, nut rolls and kapusta for everyone to love and enjoy. You also loved to garden, enjoying being outside in your yard with your favorite ground cover and blossoming trees–but you always were cursing the deer and rabbits for eating your beloved tulips.
When I was little and mom went to work, you and Grandpa Red took such good care of me. We had so many wonderful memories together…church and cemetery hopping on Good Friday, looking at the Christmas displays at Menne’s…and you loved to buy Christmas decorations…but we all know that angels were your thing.
After Grandpa Red passed you didn’t like being home so you’d either be out with your sisters gallivanting around and traveling all over..Europe, a cruise and all over the states and Canada, or you’d spend hours at Wegmans people watching and food shopping–reading every food label figuring out what was “healthy” for you. Your herb and heath books were all dog eared and had notes all over the pages–what keeps you regular, helps the hair grow, puts you to sleep.
Speaking of noteS…you kept a record of EVERYTHING you did–what you ate, bought, who you talked to, what you paid–including your taxes…”paid under protest.” It is truly amazing the receipts you kept…down to the whopper you bought on 5/17/1984–with the five cents tax you paid, red bought you dinner. Well mom has them all now and she is now going through all of the boxes. You did watch your pennies–except for when it came to jewelry: pearls, watches and rings. You also loved lamps and clocks…really you just loved things of beauty. 
Grandma you never lost your sharpness or your memory. You always told it like it is–no holds barred. You hated taking your medications–always saying they are NO GOOD and how they make you feel LOUSY. When you were feeling up to it and going out you still enjoyed people watching and having a good meal. But One of mom’s favorite memories are of you and your cinco shakes and iced cappuccinos–it was like they were the best thing you’ve ever consumed–as you put it…just delicious. But gram you really were a trooper, a real spitfire. You had amazing strength, discipline, and a love of your family. You could be brutally honest, but you always made it crystal clear that you loved the people in your life. 
Grandma, we will all miss you very much. We love you.

Goodbye for now.

Love you, Steph 


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